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Mobile Windshield Replacement in San Jose

A cracked windshield is not only an eyesore but a dangerous thing to overlook. The windshield is meant to protect you from outside forces as you are driving and is also meant to protect you in the event of an accident. When a windshield is damaged, its structural integrity is forever compromised and requires immediate attention. Windshield repairs offer a temporary fix but will never protect you the way a new auto glass from a windshield replacement job would.

With Instant Auto Glass, we make sure to properly diagnose your windshield’s condition. We often ask our clients to send us a picture to determine whether or not the windshield needs to be replaced or repaired. In our experience, customers with damaged windshields who opt to repair instead of replacing almost always call us back to replace their windshield. Let us help you choose the option that is right for you!

Mobile auto glass and windshield replacement in Downtown San Jose

Is Windshield Repair Covered by Insurance?

Typically, windshield repair is covered by most popular insurance policies drivers enroll into. Here at Instant Auto Glass, we welcome insurance claims on your auto glass replacements. Using your insurance policy to get a replacement never raises your premiums and service can often be done the same day that a claim is opened.

DIY Auto Glass Replacements and Repair

Replacing and repairing Auto glass requires skill and experience in order to achieve the best results. With Auto glass, the slightest mistake can lead to serious problems including injury to yourself and damages to your car.

Let our experienced technicians professionally install your auto glass and save yourself the time and the trouble-and most importantly-the risk of not installing it properly.

Our warranties guarantee no leaks or wind noise, or we provide the solution at absolutely no cost to you.

If your vehicle is equipped with the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)-the system that enables you to utilize special features such as adaptive cruise control, forward collision braking, pedestrian detection etc.-your vehicle will require a service post installation called “Recalibration”. This procedure refocuses the camera lens to ensure your safety features are functioning properly. Auto makers do not advise skipping this step as it would put the driver and the passengers at risk from serious injury in the case of an accident.

Cracked windshield replacement in San Jose

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