About Us

About Us

Best On-Site Auto Glass Services in San Jose

At Instant Auto Glass, our team prides itself on delivering premier mobile auto glass replacements so you’re ready to drive safely once again. We offer the best onsite auto glass services in San Jose and the Greater Peninsula area.

Decades of Auto Glass Repair Experience

We know that the auto industry has a reputation for overcharging and up-selling unneeded parts and services. To ensure we remain a team you can trust, we operate with complete transparency. All of our prices are customized for you and your specific needs!

Our installation team has been properly trained with over 30 years combined experience to ensure proper installation and stress-free servicing. We work with you and your insurance company in order to better serve your needs. We’re committed to providing a stress-free experience to both new and returning customers. We only source parts from reputable brands to ensure that your safety and sense of security will never be compromised.

How Long Does Auto Glass Repair Take?

Customers often ask, “How long will auto glass repair take?” We’re always upfront, explaining that replacement times can vary. Cleaning up a rear windshield that is completely shattered can be a time-consuming process. However, replacing it with a brand-new windshield isn’t something that will take our experienced team very long.

In fact, rear windshield replacement can often be done in under an hour by our auto glass specialists. The majority of the time will be spent waiting for the urethane adhesive to cure so that the rear windshield is secure. In the case of the front windshield, we’re most often able to get the job done in an hour or less depending on your location.

On-Site Auto Glass Repair You Can Trust

When you first discover a chipped, cracked, or shattered window or windshield, some degree of stress is inevitable. We know, we’ve been there, but try not to worry.

Save valuable time by having Instant Auto Glass come to your car, whether it’s at work, home, or any other San Jose, CA or Greater Peninsula location. Once we have your location, we’ll be able to give you a specific timeframe for your auto glass appointment.

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