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Back Glass Replacement, Rear Windshield Throughout San Jose

The backglass or rear windshield is the hardest glass found on a vehicle. A broken backglass is a problem that demands immediate attention. Because backglass is tempered, it does not crack the way a windshield does when damaged. Instead, when a backglass is damaged, it oftentimes explodes and shatters into large shards. Your back glass protects you from the forces of nature as well as unwelcomed company. It is the largest window and is a an easy target for thieves to enter.

If your back glass has been shattered, contact us immediately to schedule an appointment to have it replaced. Our representatives will make sure the correct backglass is ordered and the technician will make sure it is installed securely. Duct tape and plastic bags will only act as a temporary solution to a problem that needs an immediate replacement.

Does Insurance Cover Rear Window Replacement?

Here at Instant Auto Glass, we welcome Insurance claims on your auto glass replacements.Using your insurance policy to get a replacement never raises your premiums and service can often be done the same day that a claim is opened. Contact our representatives for more information and details regarding your claim today.

What is the Difference Between Front Windshield and Back Glass?

Front windshields are laminated and catch the broken glass. Rear windshields (back glass) is tempered and breaks into shards. The windshield is laminated to act as a deterrent to ejection should the driver ever be in an accident.

The backglass is tempered and shatters into shards for emergency escapes in the case of a flipped vehicle or a vehicle caught on fire. The shards are large and dull so that escaping will not injure you.

If you have a damaged windshield or a broken backglass, contract us today to schedule an appointment for your replacement

Ask your our representative about OEM (Original Equipment from Manufacturer) options! We work with local dealerships directly and are able to order the part you want and need. We are based in the San Jose area but provide windshield replacement service as far as San Francisco East Bay, and the Greater Peninsula. 

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