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Car Door Window Replacement Throughout San Jose

Nothing is as disappointing as waking up to a broken car door window. Whether it’s thanks to an act of nature, vandalism, or theft, a broken car window is an issue that would need immediate attention. Our experienced technicians provide fast and efficient service to replace your car door window in order to make driving safe and parking safer. With the rising rate of theft in San Jose and the Bay Area, you can count on us to be there for you in an Instant. Our iron-clad warranty covers any leaks and wind noise. Should you ever encounter these issues, rest assured that we will provide the solution for you at absolutely no cost to you.

To schedule an service with us is easy. Once your appointment has been scheduled, our expert technicians will be on the way to your home or office. Once there, the technician will be begin his service with the proper care and clean up or broken glass before and after replacing your car door window. We replace all car door windows including: Front/Rear Driver Side Window, Front/Rear Passenger Side WIndow, Front Driver/Passenger Side Vent Glass, Rear Driver/Passenger Side Vent Glass, and Rear Driver/Passenger Side Quarter Glass.

Our staff begins installations as early as 8 am, so if you need a window replaced before you start your shift, we can make it happen! If not, we can come to your job location and perform the replacement in the company parking lot as you work! Car door window replacements are often times really quick.

Call now or provide us with your information using the form below and a representative will assist you in scheduling an appointment. Shattered windows cannot wait!

Broken Driver Side Car Door Window from Accident

Is a Broken Car Window Covered by Insurance?

Typically, windshield repair is covered by most popular insurance policies drivers enroll into. Using your insurance policy to get a replacement never raises your premiums and service can often be done the same day that a claim is opened.

Here at Instant Auto Glass, we welcome insurance claims on your auto glass replacements including driver and passenger window replacement.

Why Replace an Auto Door Window?

An automobile passenger or driver side window should be replaced because once a window in your car has been cracked, chipped, scratched or shattered, the structural integrity of your vehicle is compromised. A damaged car window can have a domino effect when left unchecked.

The risks of not replacing a broken driver or passenger side car door window include theft, physical threats from road rage drivers, and the fact that your vehicle is no longer weatherproof against inclement weather such as rain or snow storms.

Automobile Door Glass Replacement Technician in San Jose

Can you Drive with a Broken Side Window?

Driving with a broken car door window is never recommended. Not only can this damage your interior, but objects have a chance of flying into your vehicle as you are driving creates a serious safety hazard to yourself, your passengers, and to other drivers on the road.

While many opt to cover the window with a plastic bag or with duct tape, this only proves to be a temporary solution to a situation that demands immediate attention.

If you were a victim of of vandalism, theft of an act of nature, contact us to schedule an immediate appointment. Our installations begin as early as 8am to provide you with the sense of security you need for the days ahead.

What is the Little Window in a Car Door Called?

The little window on a car is either a quarter glass or vent glass. Both are smaller than the rest of the car windows and do not go up and down. While these windows are used more for their aesthetics, they are often the favorite window that thieves and vandals choose to break when committing auto theft.

These smaller windows often times do not activate your vehicle’s alarm, making the theft a lot easier for the thief, and these windows a prime target.

Our national distributors stockpile these windows knowing the public has a constant need. If your quarter glass or vent glass has been broken, contact us immediately and speak to a representative about scheduling an appointment.

Ask your our representative about OEM (Original Equipment from Manufacturer) options! We work with local dealerships directly and are able to order the part you want and need. We are based in the San Jose area but provide car door window replacement service as far as San Francisco East Bay, and the Greater Peninsula. 

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